Saturday 7 August 2010

Frogblog Part 9 - Final part for this year

Regular readers, particularly earlier in the year, will have read my Frogblog series as I updated their progress from mating through to spawn, tadpoles and then froglets.

If you want to check out earlier posts on frogblog, try here.

Well the garden is covered in froglets now - everywhere you go and walk, there they are, little hoppers all over the place, that I try not to tread on.

Today, I did another area of wildflower cutting with my brush cutter.  With a reasonable height of cut, I hope that I didn't kill any of the little things.  Certainly, when I inspected the areas afterwards, there were hundreds of the little things.
I also saw a lot of young Smooth newtlets from this years breeding.  

So I am closing frogblog down for this year now, unless I get any more great sightings or photos, then I will, of course share them with you all.

Just a quickie today, as you are getting lots of lovely pictures from Dave's trip to California.

Oh yes and welcome to our 70th follower - Leah Sian photography.  We hope you enjoy our blog, and we welcome your comments and feedback whenever you care to.


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