Monday 30 August 2010

Nikon 105VR Macro

A couple of weeks ago i mentioned that i had been loaned a Nikon 105VR Macro by a friend who had been offered it by somebody who was selling it, Unfortunately i only had it a few days and those few days were wet and miserable and the only shots that took with it were of Alfie my mini Schnauzer late one evening as well as a couple of ornaments that were close by, My initial reactions to the images on the screen were 'wow thats sharp', It really is one sharp lens, The VR makes it easily hand holdable in low light, The images here were shot with the D3s at ISO 6400 as it was just a test and i wanted a decent shutter speed, Anybody looking for a Macro lens for their Nikon kit wont go wrong in looking at the 105VR, It would also make a great portrait lens

Heres Alfie

And a crop of the above

A Rhino ornament that was close by

And a crop

You can see how sharp the images are with very little sharpening and also how impressive the D3s is at ISO 6400-No noise reduction has been used on any of the images


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