Wednesday 11 August 2010

If you bought a Canon 1Dmk 4..............................

.......when they were first released and paid top whack when they were in short supply, then you will no doubt be pleased to see that they are over £1000 cheaper now, at least here in the UK anyway.

When they were launched at a ridiculous 50% price hike over it's predecessor, I said then that it would be a matter of time before the price would fall, and that it is always the beta testers who get the untested kit at full whack.

So it would seem, once again.  A few firmware upgrades, a few issues with the AF system reported.

I have NO personal hands on experience of this camera so won't comment on it's performance.  It is still overpriced even after the price drops and so I will not be looking to spend money on this body.

So to those who paid full whack, that's a 300f4L or 180 f3.5L macro you could have had.

Interesting that if you compare and contrast with the Nikon D3S, the differential is much less and that it appears to have 'plateau'd' out now.



  1. There were some on ebay the other day for £3099 (typo I think the 0 should of been a 4) I am still debating whether to go Nikon or upgrade to a 1dMKand 5d MK2 combination in place of my 7D/1DMK3 , not heard of any major AF issues on the 1D MK4 though?

  2. Hi Bob
    The MK4 seems sorted and a vast improvement over the MK3, A MK4 and 5D2 sounds like a great combo although you cant go wrong with the Nikon route either, One thing i will say about the MK4 is that everybody who i know that have bought them have had to send their lenses in for calibration but after that they seem very happy, Not a patch on the D3s when it comes to high ISO but i dont know how important that is to you

  3. I just feel at present (I may be incorrect) but after reading reviews etc The Nikons with less pixels crammed into the sensor produce a virtually noise free image compared to the Canon. Nikon although slower to focus(likely fractions of a second)than the canon locks on better. So switching to Nikon is viable at this time, for those reasons or I upgrade to the 1dMK4/5D mk2 combination as I already have a comprehensive Canon system. I normally buy second hand to save thousands, but this market at present seems void of all high spec bodies and lenses. Guess I will just have to be patient?