Sunday 22 August 2010

External Hard Drives again

Both Martin and Myself have discussed external hard drives before, Last year i purchased a Western Digital 1.5TB Elite, I must say that i haven't been overly impressed, Every time i go to use it it goes through every image on the HD before opening the file that i want, So i other words its time consuming which is something that i don't need, I have tried to see why and if i can change it but it cant seem to, I will keep it as a back up along with the 1TB Western Digital which is close to being full and i have just ordered a Western Digital-you can see a pattern here-2TB Caviar Black internal drive with an enclosure to make it an external drive-Why do this? well firstly for future proofing, At the moment my PC only has USB2 ports so when i get a new one with USB3 ports i don't need to but a new HD i just need a new enclosure which are not very expensive, The Caviar Black and Green HD's are highly thought of-The Blacks have a 5 year warantee and are known for their long life and reliability, The extrenal enclosure that i have ordered is a Rosewill unit with a fan built in-no i had never heard of them before but there are hundreds of good reviews on them so i will give them ago, I ordered my new gear from Newegg which seem to have a good name over here and i should recieve them on tuesday-i will let you know how it goes-As i am having trouble with my internet again-thank you Time Warner i will leave it as that incase it drops again


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  1. Hi Dave & Martin, I use WD Mybooks and I'm not impressed by them either. I have it connected via eSata and every other boot it makes the PC take forever to start up. Disconnect the drive and it starts like lightening. I've googled and googled for a solution but can't find one and I'm not the only person by the looks of it.

    Having been burgled recently I realise the worth of backups, but external drives are no use if there next to the PC as they will be pinched too. My next purchase will be a netgear NAS drive. I'm looking to get a wireless ethernet one that I can install in the loft or somewhere out of the way.