Tuesday 1 June 2010

The Weekend

As i mentioned last week, It was my birthday over the weekend which also coincided with a holiday here in the States, We had a BBQ on Sunday and had 37 friends over so it was quite a party, I was lucky to recieve some gifts that are very handy, I had a book called 'North Carolina portrait of a State' by George Humphries, Not only is it full of beautiful landscape images but it also tells you where they were taken which is very helpful and a few places have been ear marked for the 'Fall/Autumn' , Books on your local area are very handy to have and there are lots to choose from when it comes to North Carolina, I think most photographers out here are Landscapers and who can blame them as there is some stunning coastline and of course the Smokey Mountains with all its waterfalls, I also had a couple of vouchers for 'Barnes and Noble' which is my favourite book store mainly because it has a Starbucks in it so yesterday i went there and bought a book called 'David Busch's Nikon D3s/D3x, Now you may guess by the title what the book is about, i would say its more of an encyclopaedia than a book at its 547 pages long, I know that you get a manual with your camera and the D3's manual was over 400 pages but they never go into depth about what the features are and how to use them to there best, I think its a good idea to buy a guide to your camera thats written by a photographer and this one certainly seems to fit the bill, My wifes Nikon D5000 certainly got a workout at the BBQ, I set it to 'auto' for here and put a SB600 flash on it set to '0' and she snapped away, The images both indoors and outside are very good and shows that it can be used as a point and shoot if necessary, Although seen as a budget camera it can be useful as a backup camera as the image quality is very good,
The Carolina Nature Photographers Association exhibition starts today at the Holly Springs Cultural Centre and you will see 3 of my images there, i will pop down there tomorrow for a look so if you are passing the door pop in
The D3s is due to arrive tomorrow so i will report back on that in a few days

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