Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Wildlife Photo Competitions

This year i decided that i would enter a few of the bigger photographic competitions, I mentioned before that i had got into the finals of the Natures Best Backyards comp, I also entered the Wildlife Photographer of the year and last month had notification that i had also had an image in the finals, I kept it to myself and my wife and for the last months have woken up with both fingers and toes crossed, Yesterday we headed back from Florida after a long and exhausting weekend, We were driving through Georgia and the temperature gauge was showing a blistering 103 degrees when i asked my wife to check my e mails, There was one from the competition with bad news, The image had made the finals and that was as far as it was going-not what you want to hear on a 630 mile journey and both our shoulders sank, Last year there was 38000 entries so to get to the finals is something i guess but still bitterly disappointing to get so close and yet be so far, I have entered one more comp this year so will hope for a better result and not the always a bridesmaid and never a bride syndrome, You can only live in hopes that it will happen one day just like the lottery, In the WPOTY comp out of 20 images entered i had 17 go through to the semi finals and 1 in the finals-maybe next year
Well done to all those who recieved better e mails than me-bastards


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  1. Well done Dave, I thought I did well getting to the semi final with one image. Funny though when the winners comes out yhey will either be world class or leave us saying "what were the judges thinking off?" Better luck next year for both of us.

    Cheers Bob