Wednesday 30 June 2010


Well it seems the world and his wife has a website these days varying from excellent to downright dreadful, There are many companies doing anything from bespoke arm and a leg jobs to cheap but effective templates, I went for one of the arm and a leg jobs just over a year ago with a company called Livebooks, They are well respected here and many of the big names in photography use them including Art Wolf, I am very happy with the site i have and its quick and easy to not only add and delete images but to also make subtle changes so in effect keep the website fresh looking, the site i have allows unlimited images and unlimited portfolios so enough to keep me busy for a while, I had a mail from Livebooks some time ago saying that they are now offering a template type service with monthly payments for people who cant or don't want to cough up a large amount of money, Then yesterday i received a mail from them saying that as i am an existing customer i can add extra websites using the templates for either a one off payment or $10 a month-better still pay yearly for $100-well my eyes nearly popped out of my head, I have a couple of domain names in waiting so i am going ahead and having websites built for my non wildlife images, Live books are an excellent company and their staff are very good at getting you sorted all in a very professional manner, If you don't have a website or are looking to have a new one then make sure that you give them a look


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