Friday, 25 June 2010

Trip Report - North Uist - Day 7

And so finally we make it to our last whole day on North Uist.  The forecast wasn't brilliant, and so it turned out with the best of the weather expected early in the morning. Getting out of bed to make our first cup of tea, looking out over Loch Hosta I saw a small dark bird flashing across the water towards the lodge at very high speed.  Staying fixed on the subject, she came close by the edge of the lodge, using it as cover as she swept, darting over the mound and fence before terrorising the wading bird population nested down on the moor.  That was as close as I have ever been to a wild Merlin.  It was a stunning start to the day.

 Heading down towards Griminsh quay, I noticed a familiar looking profile on some telegraph wires so we headed towards it.  We got quite close but it then flew off a short way and settled on a much more photogenic location.  Sadly he didn't call for us, as it would have been good to have got it with beak open


With the expected rain due imminently, I then set about getting a few images of the flora of North Uist which I will put up on separate post in the future

Moving down to Committee Road, once again the Hen Harriers and Short Eared Owls were there for us.

Male Hen Harrier plus Vole

Jac missed a sitter of an SEO right in front of her although I did say I wouldn't mention that  :-)

Moving on down the Committee Road, then rain set in and we went and holed up in the Kirkiboost Community Centre for coffee and cakes.  We met four guys that we chatted to on the boat to the islands and shared tales from our week.  So Dave if you are reading this, drop us a comment.

After a while there we headed back towards home to think about packing up but took a detour down the Balranald road and was pleased to see this Snipe.

'aving a scratch!

Snipe on a big stick had eluded me photographically all week, although we had seen plenty.  At least you can see we did get some rain while we were there.

So that was it for the week on North Uist.   However, I have not finished yet as in future posts, I will bring you some  of the topography and landscape, as well as a separate post on the flora as mentioned above.  Also in the series will be some outtakes and also some tips and tricks that we learned with the 7D and another useful one for helping you find a fast moving subject in the view finder when you have got a big lens plus converter on to stop you waving the thing around and just finding sky.

I also have one more post to bring you of our journey back home as we came via the Cairngorms so I have some great images of a very popular little animal to share.



  1. Hi Martin and Jac
    Been following your Uist trip reports with interest as myself and 3 other family members were there on our annual birding trip at the same time as you.Your photographs are superb and evocative and capture some of the images that I have now committed to memory.Good to meet you both and to share some experiences not only of the Hebrides but wildlife in general. Well done Martin and David on what is one of the best blogs I have checked out.I will follow future postings with interest and hopefully some comments to. Good luck Martin and Jac with any future trips/ holidays and who knows maybe I paths may cross again in the future. Dave C Lincoln

  2. Hi Dave,

    Many thanks for your kind comments - much appreciated. It was great meeting you guys on the boat each way and at the cafe. Pleased you like the blog - spread the word, and we would welcome you and the rest of the gang as friends to the blog as followers. North Uist sadly seems like a long time back.