Monday, 7 June 2010

Auto ISO-A new way to shoot

One of the new features on some of a todays cameras is the Auto ISO feature, You have AV where you control the depth of field and the camera sorts out the shutter speed, You have TV where you control the shutter speed and the camera sorts out the aperture, You have Manual where you control the shutter speed and the aperture and now you have Auto ISO where you control the shutter speed and aperture and the camera sorts out the ISO to balance the exposure, On the Nikon D3s you set the camera to Auto ISO in the Shooting menu, Go into the ISO sensitivity settings and set the maximum ISO that you would accept say 5000 and then set the lowest shutter speed that you are comfortable with-say 1/125  and set your aperture, After that all your images will be exposed with the same shutter speed and aperture but the ISO's will change depending on the light, So when would you use this? if you are shooting birds where there are light areas and dark areas you dont have to worry about your exposure as long as you are not concerned that you may have one image with an ISO of 200 and the next where the bird has moved into a dark area and the ISO is 2000, Great when things are changing quickly and you dont really have time to keep an eye on your shutter speed, Try it indoors and notice how the ISO changes are you move the camera around from light areas to dark, Another great feature of a great camera and another string to the wildlife photographers bow


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