Saturday 19 June 2010

Nikon D5000

Having the Nikon D5000 in the family for the last few weeks has made me realise one thing, I am or was a camera snob, Having pro cameras for years has made me look down on the bottom of the range cameras as if they can not take an image of decent quality, The base cameras specs never look great although these days they are getting better, But its the photographer who takes the shot, Having fast AF and lots of focus points can help but a good photographer will take a good image on any camera and its also good to get back to basics, Yesterday i was in Barnes and Noble which is my favorite magazine and book store and was looking through the English photo mags and noticed some tests in which the D5000 was part of, It came out on top beating all its competition, One mag even used the D5000 to do a 'how to' article, The sensor is the same as in the D300 so image quality is excellent, We used the D5000 in Florida last weekend more than any other camera, Its size and lack of weight made it perfect for all day use, We even used it in the EWA underwater housing in one of the water parks-it was perfect and gave us images other people could not get, I have now recommended the D5000 to others who are putting orders in whilst Nikon have them on special, Its good to get back to basics and i for one am happy to have one in my kit bag, Here are a couple of images from last weekend taken with the Nikon D5000 and 18-55vr kit lens

Taken in typhoon lagoon with the EWA housing

This was taken in Downtown Disney using a long exposure with the camera resting on a waste bin

Its the perfect camera for grabbing candids

So overall we are very pleased to have the D5000 in the family-its a great camera at a great price and good that the kit lens isnt just a cheap plastic affair like some others-Highly recommended



  1. Very impressive camera and you are so right about the camera snobbery.
    I particularly like the first shot, of the Manatee coming out of the surf.


  2. LOL thanks for that Pete, I will forward your comments onto Robert the manatee and expect a knock on your door by an angry Scotsman