Friday, 11 June 2010

Pop up Hides

Since arriving in the states i have been using 'pop up' hides, They are inexpensive at under @$70 but i am finding that they are not lasting too long and am currently on my 4th one in 18 months, The main problem i am finding is that the fibreglass arms that form the dome in the roof snap, One broke twice and went straight through the roof leaving a nice big hole for the rain to come through, I did repair the arms but then one of the 4 side coils did the same, I kept the broken hide in my garage and when the other hide roof bars snapped i took the old hide and removed the side coil and cut it to the same length as the broken arm, I took the plastic ends off of the broken arm and put them on the cut metal coil and used them in stead, The metal coils are nice and flexible,cant snap and will last as long as the hide itself and saves on the recycling so there you have it-being green and saving some money


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