Sunday 27 June 2010

Rare Garden Visitor

As it write this blogpost this afternoon it is extremely hot, although not at the temperatures that Dave has been experiencing.  I guess loads of you will be wasting watching England lose which is why I am at the computer.

On to more productive use of my time, I was working in the garden this morning, enjoying watching the recently emerged five and six spot burnet moths (future post) flying around.  I had an extremely productive overnight moth trap session (another future post) as well.  Jac suddenley gave me a call while I was whacking a post with a sledge hammer about an interesting butterfly she had seen.  Grabbing the camera, we found it settled down on some knapweed, unsure of it's identity and grabbed a couple of images.

Checking out my butterfly book (see link below), I found it was a Plain Tiger Danaus chrysiipus and checked out its range and distribution.  It seems it is a native of the Canary islands, Africa, coastal Meditteranean, central East Turkey, Saudi Arabia, tropical Asia and Australia.  So was it a very well travelled subject that was enjoying the hot weather.

Probably not, I reckon it had flown less than a mile from the Stratford Butterfly Farm after somebody left the door open.

Right it is half time so I am off to polish the lawn or something



  1. Hi, We have that butterfly here in Sri Lanka too, and Common Tiger (Danaus genutia) as well.

  2. That's a very beautiful one. Butterflies also frequent my garden. They usually visit in the morning. Old folks say that butterflies that visit gardens are reincarnated souls. I wonder if it's true.