Thursday, 17 June 2010

New Project

I am sitting in the Toyota dealership waiting for my car to be serviced, There is free Starbucks coffee and muffins so it seems the perfect place to write today's blog, I have been commissioned by a local business man to use his land and take images of the wildlife there, Once done the images selected will be printed up large and framed for his living room, I went for a look around before i went to Florida, The garden is a couple of acres that backs onto some rough land that then goes to woodland, It has the benefit of a small stream running through it which has trees and bushes both sides-perfect for all kinds of wildlife both mammal and bird, The owner told me that he gets deer there most days and we did see one near the woodland whilst i was there, There is a large variety of woodland birds and the rough ground has attracted some raptors that seem to have young so there will be plenty to shoot, I went down on Tuesday afternoon for my first session, It was 95 degrees when i arrived and humid, I had put a hide/blind up last week and inside it must of been over 130 degrees, I saw 6 deer on my first session with an ill looking female and a young male coming close enough to shoot, The female was very thin and had a bad leg but she did feed on some of the deer corn that i had placed and lets hope she pulls through, Last night i went back but a huge storm came over and i just made it back to the car before the heavens opened and remained that way for most of the evening, There was about 6-8 deer in the top field so deer images wont be a problem, i think i may move the hide/blind back a bit  and get the deer in more open ground to isolate them from the background, I know there is a woodchuck there as well and is close to where the hide is placed, By moving the hide back i hope to be able to get my first woodchuck images, Its great to be able to shoot on some prime land and to get paid for it is an added bonus, The houses are all $1m+ so a very nice area and safe, My main problem is the humidity, the lenses steam up straight away and remain that way for over 30mins, Its a difficult one to know what to do for the best, The temperature in my house,the car,outside and the hide are soo different, I have put the camera gear in a warmish cupboard and will put them in the car an hour before i go out so they can slowly warm to the outside temperature and see if that helps, If it doesnt i will need to look into it further as i dont want the condensation causing mold within the lens, Anyway here are a few images from the first session


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