Monday, 14 June 2010

Pond Life Part 4 - More mating and mature colours

In Pond Life Part 3, I bought you mating Large Reds and the first Common Blue  Azure Damsel that we had seen emerge in the garden pond.

Well the Common Blues Azure Damselflies are now matured and mating as you can see below

Slightly lower POV and the female has put her abdomen deeper into the water, risking attack from the Newts

The Duckweed has been multiplying at a great rate, and I am skimming some off every few days to ensure that there is some clear water available, at least for the Pond Skaters to skate.

In addition to this mating pair, I also got a couple of full frame studies each of the Large Red male in beautiful full mature colours and an Common Blue Azure male.

All with the 7D and Canon 180 f3.5L macro, processed in Capture One V5.1 and Photoshop CS5.

Slightly further away from home, about a mile anyway, I got some great images of male and female Banded Demoiselle eating Mayfly so will post those up for you soon.

As promised I said I would give you a break from the North Uist trip reports to cover off some of my local wildlife.

In my next post, I will bring you some of this years Orchids.  Some are still quite early and some are out quite well, but I did get three different species on Saturday so will share those, before we get back to some more Scottish wildlife.

Update: What I thought were Common Blue Damsels are in fact Azure Damselflies.  I posted a couple of these images on here and had the ID corrected.  Must get myself a better book


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