Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Nikon D3/s Jack of all trades

I was going through my images yesterday and it struck me that since moving over to Nikon and in particuarly getting the D3/D3s that my photography has diversified, Mainly i think to the fact that i enjoy using the Nikon kit so much, It really does suit the way i shoot and has made really has put the joy back into my photography, I dont mean to come over as a fan boy but looking at the different kinds of photography that i now do shows that something in me has changed, I am not saying that you could not do the same with Canon gear its just that when i shot Canon i really only did wildlife images and towards the end dabbled with some portraiture-all in 14 years, Now i have only had my Nikon gear for 20 months i have shot wildlife,Landscapes,Portraits,Architecture,street scenes-well you get the idea so lets take a look back over some of my images over the last 20 months

Wildlife-Night and Day
The D3/s has excellent dynamic range and holds whites and highlights very well
The AF is very good and holds the subject right through the scene
The Nikon CLS flash system is excellent-easily adjustable and controlable

The D3 is renowned for low grain at high ISO opening up new opportunities for the wildlife photographer and soon agencies were accepting images at ISO 1600 and up without question
Here is a marmot at ISO 1600 with the D3
And finally underwater with the new Nikon 16-35F4 it was a great combo that opened up a whole new world to me

Noise reduction has become a thing of the past since getting a D3
I did a fair amount of macro work around my garden last year, Full frame cameras have a different DOF to cropped cameras and the D3 showed great detail in the images
This image made it through to the finals in Natures Best comp for gardens and backyards
and this is still one of my favourites from last year

 I did some street photography when i was in NY and really enjoyed it, The 14-24 is perfect for this kind of shoot and used with the SB900 flash can give some very creative results

 And whilst in NY i did some landscapes as well
I also did quite a few Landscapes when i visited the beautiful Smokey Mountains in Tennessee
 And even at Disney

 Since moving to the States i have got involved with some community and sports events

 I  have a home studio and the D3 images printed from shoots there have met with acclaim from clients who have had their images printed to A3+ and bigger

And of course you always take images for fun when with friends
Well this started out to be a quick blog about how the D3 has changed my style of photography and has ended as being a bit of an epic for my apologies for that, I hoe what it has shown is that it has made me a more rounded and creative photographer, Its the heart of a fantastic system and the D3s can only improve on that-Back to Disney tomorrow but i dont think that their will be much photography done this time



  1. Some cracking images there, spooky I am toying with the idea of switching from Canon to Nikon!

  2. beautiful photographs.... Whats the Camera you use?

    please visit my Blog

  3. Hi Tony

    The clue is in the title-a Nikon D3 and now i have the s model

    Bobbster good luck in making the decision, Its a tough and expensive one to make, Personally i am very pleased that i moved over but it does take a while to get used to the Nikon kit