Friday 16 April 2010

Sparrowhawk Attack

Since I bought you pictures of the juvenile female Sparrowhawk, and the mature male, I have been seeing them more and more around the patch.

I was outside on Wednesday night, working in the garden when I saw the rapidly moving shape of the male, dive through a small gap of about 2' diameter between my side gate and some shrubs, across the top of my neighbours shed, less than a foot above that, through a small gap and out of my sight.  Almost immediately, I hear what can only be described as the death squeals of a bird.

Getting up to get a look at what is going on, the commotion continues, and then another grey flash as the Sparrowhawk flies anyway, and a lucky male Blackbird lives another day and flies off in a different direction.

It was dramatic, it was lightning fast, and very close to where I was sitting.

Just for good measure, here is a repeat image of the bird in earlier times, assuming it was the same Male.


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