Sunday 11 April 2010

Florida diaries 1

We decided to break the journey up on the way down to Florida and spent a night in Savannah,Georgia, Its a very historic place,Full of old buildings and city squares that are full of beautiful trees and beautiful flowers, There is a good night life there with lots and lots of bars and restuarants, There are trolleys/buses doing city tours and i think this is probably the best way to see the city and then drive to the best places to shoot some of the prettiest places, One thing that struck us both is the odour-Ok the place stinks like a warm day in Delhi but is very nice and a long weekend would be long enough to see the best of it, We left after a lazy breakfast and made our way to St Augustine in Florida, Now this is a very nice place, clean and with lots of great buildings, A good vibe (without the odour) and a great place to be at night, We instantly liked the place, After booking into our accommodation i got the gear ready and went to Gatorland and gave the $70 for the photographers pass which allows entry an hour early and an hour late which can be extended with some extra cash, I stayed for 3 hours and shot 16gb of wood stork,tri coloured heron,egrets of various kinds and rosette spoonbills, I have another 3 sessions there so will guarantee some great images, I have only just downloaded and will post some next blog,This is a truly great place to be and the next few weeks will see lots of chicks of all kinds-i may be back soon as the pass is for 1 year, You dont need big lenses,Infact the tri coloured were with 2-3 feet of the boardwalk and took no notice of people-birds skim your heads as they fly out-amazing, If you are thinking of taking a trip to Florida then this has to be on your list
Here is a taster-Full frame wood stork


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