Sunday 4 April 2010

Frog Blog pt 6 - All is calm

After the manic activities of a week ago, as quickly as the spawning came, then so it went.  The final total of spawn clumps  is 18, a number of which have joined up.

The frogs have disappeared back into the depths of the pond for the time being but now the Smooth Newts are starting to get more active, with males. females and last years young starting to show.

I have not had any chances to get busy with the camera this weekend so far, as it has been fence building in between the heavy showers.

While dismantling the old fences, I found two or three mouse feeding sites judging by the number of empty sunflower seed shells and a sleeping toad just caught my eye with a little bit of movement.  Luckily for the toad, I saw it and took it up by the pond.  When I checked back a few moments later, it had taken refuge in the water.

So we are up to three different amphibian species in the pond so far.

During the brief warm interlude yesterday,  a couple of Brimstones and a Comma fluttered by but rarely settling.  Brimstones have eluded me photographically, as they always seem to be on the move.

Hope you are having better weather wherever you are than we are here.


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