Sunday 18 April 2010

A few from the Cotswolds and the garden

I had to take an early trip up to the sawmill yesterday to sort out some more timber for the ongoing garden project.  As I knew I would be going near one or two places where there would or could be some wildlife, I put the 7D/500f4 and the 1.4 TC plus bean bag in the car on the off chance.  Well what a fabulous morning it was.  Silence in the countryside thanks to the Icelandic volcano stopping all UK air traffic.  I got out the car at one point to hear six Skylarks, two Yellowhammer, a Corn Bunting and a Raven all calling at the same time.  What a great pleasure.

I went to a site where I have seen Dipper and Grey Wagtail, but no signs of Dipper at all, buut I did get the Grey Wagtail in bright early morning sunlight.

Further up the lane I managed to get an image of a female Yellowhammer, and a male Chaffinch.

I went along a lane where I had seen Corn Bunting before.  Sadly, I didn't see any but did get a good sighting of a Common Buzzard on a fence rail.

Back home and on with my work, but I was fortunate enough to get three Peacock butterflies in.  This image is quite the best as I wasn't able to get fully square so have lost a little bit of focus on one of the wings.

Another first for the year also was the first Speckled Wood butterfly through the garden, but it did not set down.


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  1. Lovely Yellowhammer image - especially like the way the yellow stands out from the greys and browns of its natural habitat. Good capture!