Thursday 1 April 2010

Shock of my life

On opening the curtains this morning only to see a White Tailed Sea Eagle eating the frog spawn in my pond.  I banged on the window and shouted at it to leave the spawn alone, but it wasnt having any of it.  I ran downstairs opened the backdoor and chased it away.  Sadly I have now lost more than half of the spawn in the pond.

I was so upset I didnt even think to get an image of it at the pond, although I did get some while it was circling over head before it flew away.

 Now I think there is a link and reason for this incredible story.  Shortly after this episode, I became aware of this story on Birdguides.

I can only assume that the Eagle had been scared off from its homeland, and was so traumatised that it chose to fly 400 miles south from its homeland.



  1. It's on its way to the HCT guys. The eagle had heard tweets that the only way to win a "wildlife" competition on certain forum was to live in a zoo. It wants a piece of the action next time around :)

  2. sad...but nice pic...