Thursday 8 April 2010

Images from the Garden

Following my post on Tuesday, I have processed a few images to share with you as promised.

Firstly, this one was taken a couple of weeks ago and was the first butterfly visitor that I had seen settle in the garden.  The first visitor to fly through that I saw was a Brimstone, but it did not land.


This next flower is a Chionadoxa luciliae or Boissiers Glory of the Snow.  Now these originate from the mountains of Turkey, but have, apparently, been present in the UK since the 1500's.  They grow from bulbs.  Well when I planted the wild seeds two years ago, I didn't plant any bulbs.  But the bulb does grow from a seed.  So I am not sure whether this is one that I have planted, or whether it a bird transfer.  If more come up, I gues my question will be answered.

At the edge of the pond, the Marsh Marigold Caltha palustris is starting to bloom and adds a nice splash of yellow colour, while the Smooth Newts are now busy mating too.

My final image today shows the foliage of the spotted variant of the Lords and Ladies or Cuckoo Pint Arum maculatum.



  1. That reminds me that i took some very nice Chionadoxa luciliae or Boissiers Glory of the Snow and lords and ladies in Switzerland and need to get them on my website