Tuesday 20 April 2010

Flash with Butterflies

One of the things that regular readers will know is that I like to get images in my gardenas and when the opportunities present themselves.  On Sunday, while working the second Speckled Wood butterfly of the year came in and I had the camera ready. 7D with the Canon 180 macro.

The subject was settling in area that was difficult to get a good shot and also straight into the bright sunlight.

 This is the uncropped, just sharpened image - lots of bright highlights and not brilliant light on the subject.

This is the uncropped, just sharpened image but with fill flash - much better lighting control.  I used the pop up flash on the 7D - totally convenient in situations like this.

This final version is how I have processed the second image, with some minor subject cropping, and a little toning down of the highlights on the left hand side to minimise the distractions.  Just a few seconds work in PS as an adjustment layer.

On this occasion, the subject wasn't concerned about me and stayed in position


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