Saturday 10 April 2010

Frog Blog Pt7 - We have free swimmers

With the wonderful warmth of the last few days, the tadpoles are now well advanced with a good number of free swimmers.

Many have hatched out from their spawn, but have taken refuge with hundreds of their buddies in the centre of the spawn raft.

Excuse the grass clippings - I mowed a walkway path around the wildlife garden last night.

Elsewhere in the garden, I cam across another two adults and one juvenile frog when I was doing some clearance work this morning, so they have now found their way to the pond. 

The Blackthorn blossom is coming on well, and all of my other hedge plants are in full bud or early leaf.

When I went to Upton Warrena nd Brandon Marsh the other week, post and images here, I heard and saw a number of Chiff Chaff and Willow Warbler, but for me I feel that spring doesn't properly arrive until I hear them from my own bed.

It was wonderful waking up this morning to hear Chiff Chaff calling from the bottom of the garden.


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