Wednesday 7 April 2010

Pollen and Pools

I think we missed out spring and went straight to summer-this week its been high 80's to low/mid 90's not that i am complaining, The problem is that at this time of year the pine trees shed their pollen and this year its gone mad, Everything is green, absolutely smothered in green pollen, If you leave your car out for an hour its green and you see cars that obviously are not garaged where its difficult to tell what colour they are, Yesterday i went to fill my bird feeders and ended up with green feet and driving down the interstate today there were areas that looked like mist but it was the pollen blowing out of the trees, This will go on for 2 or 3 weeks, What it does mean is that i wont be sitting out for hours on end as the pollen will get everywhere and i don't need the shots that badly, Only a few days until i head to Florida so it should be over when i return and hopefully some rain will have washed it away, Yesterday i took a trip to a swimming pool as i had permission to try out the EWA Marine underwater housing there, The good news is that it works or at least i didn't drown the camera, The bad news is that its a pig to use, I always thought that Nikon positioned the on/off switch in a great place next to the shutter button until today when twice i turned the camera off because i couldn't feel anything through the housing, I forgot my goggles so had to borrow some off of a kid there so have a good laugh at the image i took of myself-well if you cant laugh at yourself etc etc, The bag with D3 and 16-35 and 3.5 LB of lead attached still floated!!! so i will need to get some more lead to make it neutral density, I was amazed at just how buoyant the bag is even when the air is forced out of it, but that's the idea of doing some tests before hand, If i hadn't i think it would have been a nightmare on the day-well i was a cub scout as a kid and their motto was 'be prepared'
The light at the pool was naff so this shot was at ISO 2000