Friday 30 April 2010

Processing-What a pain

Its all very well going a way for a couple of weeks and taking thousands of images but the real work starts when you get home, I downloaded over 6000 images into Breezebrowser which both Martin and myself have used for years and as far as i am concerned is still the best and fastest browser on the market, Then after culling the crap or repeat images backing up and opening in Capture 1 5.1.1 which i have just bought after using the trial version for a month, after basic processing then finishing off in Photoshop CS4, Not only a long long process but bloody expensive just in software, Martin said in his previous blog that he purchased the basic version of Capture 1 but i found some features that i liked only in the Pro version so i coughed up the $400 for it, The main reason i went with Capture 1 was after my trip to New Jersey for the Harlequin ducks, When i opened and started to process the images in CS4 i just didn't like the colours especially the blues which were way out, I downloaded the free trial of C1 and instantly the images looked good colour wise, Also i found that i could batch process quickly in C1 and this is a big plus for me especially after a trip away, I hate being behind the PC so anything that allows me to get away from it is worth paying for , I have used Photoshop for years and have always found the upgrades worthwhile and looking at the stuff on you tube showing the new tools on the new CS5 will mean another upgrade, They promise better colours as well so i am forever hopeful, it will just probably mean getting a 64 bit machine to get the best from it-where does it all end i constantly hear from the better half and i dont have an answer to that one


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