Thursday 27 January 2011

Review of the Year - Part 8 - August

What with one thing and another, it is taking a bit longer to get through the 2010 review this year.  But maybe a bit of variety of other posts is a good thing for our readers.

Dave started the month off with a weeks trip to California and reported it in a five part series here, here pt2, pt3, pt4 and part 5

The Pond Life series continued from my garden with egg laying Hawkers, and I closed down Frog Blog with it's final part for the year.

On more Tech Stuff, there were a couple of articles on External Hard Drives here and here.

Dave and I gave you the views of our respective experiences of using 10 stop ND filters here and here.  Different types - square and round, slightly different experiences.

New species of moth were caught in my moth trap and photographed.

Dave tried out and reported on the Nikon 105 VR macro lens and I finished the month up with a
story of more new life in the garden.

The full archives of our 36 posts can be found here for August.

A total of 744 of you visited us 1,974 times  from 43 countries


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