Tuesday 11 January 2011

Review of the Year - Part 5 - May

May is a very busy time, or at least it is here in the Northern Hemisphere for wildlife.  I usually make a trip to Scotland around this time, and last year was no exception.  Moving further north this year, I went to North Uist on the Outer Hebrides, but I reported the trip in June so you will have to wait for the next part for those links.

Frogblog ran its course and transmuted into the Pondlife series as there were other interests coming from the pond such as these Mayflies, emerging damselflies, and more procreation

On the software front, Dave gave us his first thoughts on Adobe Photoshop CS5 , shared some of the secrets of manual flash, and processing with Capture One.

We were both out and about with local trip reports from Raleigh and the Warwickshire woods for Bluebells.

Dave showed us how to manage wildlife photography on a tight budget, and did a technical article on backgrounds for bird in flight photography.

Chris Jones was our guest photographer and themed his blog on a great trip to North Africa. 

All 42 blogs from May can be found here if you want to see all of them.

581 of you visited us a total of 2003 times from 39 countries.

Apologies for the slow posts from my Norfolk trip, but I was away at the weekend, and am struggling to find processing time.  They will be here soon......promise.


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