Sunday 30 January 2011

Canon Gear - Sell Off - Winter Sale - Last Call before ebay

Just a quick and final call before the gear goes on eBay.

All stuff listed here and with all components as supplied in each case with boxed, manuals, the lot.

Link to my earlier post is here for the list of items.

And for those who have asked via text or facebook, I am not going to Nikon, otherwise the list would be substantially longer.

I am just looking to rationalise the bodies and the lenses to things that I need rather than have.

5D and the nifty 50 have already gone.

 Important thing to know about the 1Dmk111 - the Blue Spot

As before, let me know via the comments if you are interested and we can discuss prices, but be quick, as they will start going on from  tonight. Leave me a contact number in the comment, which I will NOT publish.


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