Sunday 23 January 2011

Weather Part 2 (& Sod's Law)

A few days ago Dave blogged here on the benefits of being able to pick and choose his time to photograph.
For me the opposite is true, with a full time job to fit around, I can only look out the train window to see beautiful sunrise, blues skies and sunsets between Monday and Friday.  The last two weekends when I have been gagging to get out have been truly awful, with horrible dark grey light.  I have a couple of local day trips that I want to get in but with the light it really just isn't worth the waste of very expensive fuel.  So today will be another lost Sunday and fingers crossed for next week, and hope the fairly rare subjects I want to see will still be around.



  1. Awful, isn't it? With the exception of a few sunny days here and there, it seems to have been the cloudiest winter ever. I also do amateur astronomy so it's doubly frustrating.
    I am a temp, but I am between jobs at the moment so I have no money for the ever more expensive fuel for my car! So, even with time on one's hands, it's not always possible to get out, unless I satisfy myself with poking round the garden or immediate neighbourhood, which is not always satisfying. The endless birder/photographer's problem is that having a job = having money but no time; however not having a job = having plenty of time on your hands but no money! The issue is how to resolve both problems and have time AND money!

  2. Martin
    I can empathise (?) with you. My weekend mornings are normally decimated with my youngest son's rugby training on Sat and a match on Sunday. However c**p the weather it can have it's "silver lining", if you lower your expectations!!. Frozen ground last weekend meant no play either day, light was poor for photos so took Rhys and binos to Newport Wetlands and caught a long sighting of the Marsh Harrier an hour before darkness. Well rewarded few hours IMHO! No chance of photos but I'm "convincing" myself to be content with whatever "outdoor time" I can get at the moment! Galling recently, when we had three days of blue sky crisp days last week coinciding with imminent work deadlines. Photography moves to the back of the queue ... again! Reminds me I must remember to fill out a ticket for this week's Euro draw.....
    Rgds Julian