Friday 14 January 2011

Japan-Getting ready and Getting scammed

I have been busy selling some gear and buying new stuff for the soon to be Japan trip, I dont like to buy stuff on line and never use E Bay as there are too many unsavoury characters that are willing to shaft you whenever they can, My friends here have jackets called 'Canada Goose Snow Mantra', Known as THE warmest jackets in the world, They are big and heavy but boy are they warm, They said i could borrow one but only had a medium and a 2XL, The medium was ok although a large would have been better, I have it here, Looking at the web i read some reviews and had a look at costs, Normally around $800+, I noticed a couple of places selling them off at 70% or so discount, Large discounts like these are not uncommon here in the states, the TV is alive with these type of ads, i went ahead and ordered one, I carried on googling the jacket when i found a place in China selling rip offs for $65-alarm bells started to ring, I went to e mail the company and found the e mail to be a hotmail account-alarm bell number 2, I asked to cancel the order-too late, I asked for conformation that this was a genuine article-They said it was-The website sounds like a French Canadian name, I thought maybe a guy was selling them from there until i asked for the shipping details-China, I contacted the Real manufacturer and told them the story and they came back saying that the company is known to send fakes and are under investigation, So thats $240 down the pan and i doubt i will be seeing anything arrive through the post, I have now informed my credit card compay and they are going to try and deal with it, I feel pretty stupid and should have gone with the 'if sounds too good it probably is'
You can by looking at their website that this is a big concern-selling fakes around the world

Do not buy anything from these people and please keep your guard up when things look very cheap, This is the first time i have been 'caught' by scammers and i will make sure its the last
The web can also be a great thing, This week i have sold 1 lens and my D300 battery grip, The D300 will also be gone today, I have 2 new jackets, 1 from Mountain Hardware and the other from a British manufacturer called Snugpak and i have snugpak salopettes following,I had not heard of snugpak before but was tipped off by Mike Lane, They are used by the British Military but the main benefits are that they are very light and pack very small into a stuffer sack, i buy a fair amount of kit from Cabelas and they are sending me some of their military range of base layers, So hopefully i wont be feeling the cold when i am in Japan, I have my flights booked from here and Pete has been busy working on the flights to Hokkaido and also most of the accommodation


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