Monday 31 January 2011

Big Garden Bird Watch

The results from the garden yesterday morning were as follows:

Blackbirds            14
Chaffinch              11
Dunnock               2
House Sparrow     4
Coal Tit                 2
Blue Tit                 2
Great Tit               1
Wood Pigeon        6
Collared Dove       1
Blackcap               2  (1m,1f)
GS Woodpecker   1   (fem)
Songthrush            1
Carrion Crow        1
Mistle Thrush        2

Sadly no Robin, Wren, Starling, Long Tailed Tits, Green or Goldfinches - all of which are regulars. 

So a total of 15 species which compares to 12 species last year, which also got the Mistle Thrush and GS Woodpecker - so a good improvement particularly when some of the common species did turn up during the count hour

Let us know how you did


1 comment:

  1. Dunnock x1; Blackbird x4; Magpie x1; Starling x10; Chaffinch x7; Song Thrush x3; Pied Wagtail x1; Robin x2; Goldfinch x4; Bullfinch M&F; House Sparrow x2; Reed Bunting x3 inc 1M; Brambling x3 inc 1M; Coal Tit x2; Siskin x2F; BH Gull x1(fly-over); Wood Pigeon x1 (fly-over). Curiously, no sign of the pair of Blackcaps seen a week or so previous. Similarly, no sign of very small species such as Wren, Blue Tit, LTT & Goldcrest - seen last time.