Sunday 30 January 2011

Having different bodies

One the great things of owning the D3s and the D300 was that all the accessories fitted both cameras, Things like the battery charger and remote release were the same which when travelling is a real bonus, If the battery ran out on the D3s i could just steal the one from the D300 grip, Thats now all changed by selling the D300 and getting the D7000, The batteries are totally different as is the remote release, I mentioned last year that i purchased a remote made by Hahnel, very inexpensive but it had the added feature of being able to use it wirelessly, I shot some opossums in my garden whilst i was in my house looking out of the window, I have been getting my gear ready for the Japan trip when i remembered that i didnt have a remote for the D7000, I may not need one but you never know, I didnt really want to buy another, then i remembered that the Hahnel remote came with extra leads, I searched them out and sure enough it came with 3 leads and the leads would allow the remote to fit every Nikon camera body since the D1 and as the remote release socket is the same as the D90 i would not have to go and spend more money on accessories and i would only have to take 1 remote release with me, As i said the Hahnel is not expensive and now being able to use it with 2 different bodies it makes it somewhat of a bargain, One thing to make sure when using this product is that the leads 'snaps' into the main unit, If it doesn't then it is very hit or miss if it will work or not so a good firm push together and all will work fine


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