Wednesday 12 January 2011

Camera durability

I was on a site the other day where a guy asked if he should buy Canon or Nikon, One of the replies back was that he should go with Nikon as if you drop a Canon they shatter, I relied that it was a crazy statement as i believe that the equivalent model from Canon is as strong and durable as the Nikon model, Its a difficult thing to test, Even the base models these days are very strong even if they are not metal bodied, The guy came back and said that 2 friends had dropped their Canons and they either had body cracks or the screen had broken, Well thats not shattering and any camera can have the same damage, I then watched these videos on You tube-very light hearted but gives you an idea of just how much a modern camera can take and stay working and i will never worry about some dust on my lens again


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