Sunday 16 January 2011

Lets Talk-Nothing new

Its been a week since the camera gear saw light of day, I have been busy getting new stuff ready for agency submission and have some 'selects' to finish off and send back, Its very time consuming and a real pain in the butt for any photographer but if its not done then the pennies stop coming through the door, Not only that but its very easy to fall behind and get a huge backlog especially after a couple of major trips, I hope to catch up this week and get everything sent off and then hope to have a few days on the New Jersey coast next week before the final push to Japan, I mentioned last time about being scammed over a jacket, The tracking shows its left Shanghai but that's all, I don't know if i will receive it or i will get a call from customs, Either way it will go back and that will be that, I also mentioned that i had ordered some gear made by a British manufacturer called Snugpak, The jacket came but not the salopettes which is what i really wanted, After some too and froing it seems that the salopettes are on back order and wont be available until after i leave,I decided to also send the jacket back and start again, To be honest the jacket was not a patch on my Mountain Hardware jacket in either quality or warmth, I have now ordered what i should have done in the first place-Northface, If they can get people to the summit of Everest then Japan should be a walk in the park,
One other reason for a trip to New Jersey is to give the D7000 a good work out for birds in flight, I have had some nice images from the camera but really want to spend a few days to finally make up my mind if it is a good replacement for my old D300 which has now gone, I dont know why i get a nagging feeling but its there, I think maybe the reason is that out of the camera RAW images are very soft compared to the D3s and D300 although after sharpening they look good,
Camera gear wise things are pretty slow, The rumour mill carries on with hopes of a D800 in the next few months also Sony have announced a 24MP cropped sensor and also put claims out that they will change the face of Dslr photography, A bold statement indeed, They certainly have the capital and the resources to do it, I just hope that they concentrate on bring out a good range of lenses first as that seems to be their biggest drawback,
I guess we should be talking about our Photographic new year resolutions and i think for the first time i have not really made any, I will be concentrating on my foxes, I really need to find some new land so maybe that will be it, I have work left on my home studio which i intend to do as soon as i am back from Japan as i have a couple of clients that want a portrait session and thousands of images that still wait to be processed for new and existing agencies-lots to do and the time is flying,
Have any of you set yourselves a target for this year? if so let us know and if you need any help on reaching those tagets just ask and we will see if we can come up with some answers



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