Tuesday 18 January 2011


One of the main bonuses of being a full time photographer is that you can pick and choose when you shoot according to the weather, I mentioned in my last blog that i haven't managed to get the gear out for about a week and i was starting to get cabin fever so yesterday i grabbed the gear and headed off to the private land, The birds were very active, I could see the feeders were busy as i pulled up, The weather was cold and overcast and within minutes it started to drizzle, After an hour i gave up, I was using the D7000 and i don't like to go over ISO 800 so i ended up dropping the F stop down to 5.6-not ideal, I could spend my time better behind the PC than flogging a dead horse on a dreary afternoon, I did get a couple of images out of the mini session, The best being a yellow rumped warbler which actually showed the yellow rump, i remember when i lived in the UK that the weather always seemed to be nice during the week when i was at work and come the weekend the heavens would open and the light would go, I now have the luxury of looking out of the window and having the option of shooting only when the light is at its best, Thats not to say that i am a fair weather photographer, I enjoy shooting in heavy rain and snow and as i am off in 3 weeks (today) to Japan and will be in heavy snow i have just purchased a couple of rain covers so that my big guns-600VR and 200-400 will stay dry, The covers arrived yesterday from the Naturescapes store, They really are a great company to deal with, Everything i have ordered from them has been shipped on the same day and have arrived within a few days, You can see the covers here, they come in their own zipped pouch and are very light, Quite a basic design compared to others on the market but at around $50 wont break the bank, the cold spell looks set to stay here for a while and forecast for New jersey and New York is that more snow is forecast for the next few days, My trip to New Jersey may not happen but i will give it until the weekend before making my mind up one way or the other-fingers crossed


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