Tuesday 25 January 2011

Winter Clear out Sale

It is time for a clear out of some of my kit, so with the sales in the shops ending and a payday coming up, maybe now is the time to get a bargain, particularly as Canon prices are just about to go up again!!

All of this kit will be going on ebay and the end of the week but this is the opportunity if any of our readers are interested in what I have for sale before then, subject to sensible and reasonable price agreement.

DSLR bodies

I have already sold the 5D and I now have a Canon 1Dmk111 and a Canon 7D with BGE7 battery grip.

Both come boxed with ALL ietems that you get new.  Straps are still in their sealed bags!!

1Dmk111 is a Blue spot and has been back to Canon when they made the last hardware updates a couple of years back.

The 7D belonged to Jac and and has had quite light useage.

Both immaculate condition


I have a Canon 24-105f4  IS L available and a Canon 100mm f2.8 USM macro lens.

Immaculate condition, boxed and with all items that they came with as standard.

Flash Items

Canon MR14EX Ring Flash - very low use and immaculate

Canon STE2 Flash Trigger

Again both boxed and with all standard items

If you are interested in any of these, please leave me a comment with a UK number that I can contact you on.

Note that comments will NOT be published.

Then we can talk about what you are interested in and prices.

Hope to hear from you


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