Monday 3 January 2011

Review of the Year - Part 3 - March

March 2010 was a quiet month for trip reports as Dave and I didn't post anything on that front, but it was a busy month on other fronts.

Dave got hold of the Nikon 16-35f4 VR lens and put it through it's paces ahead of using it underwater. 

Here in my garden in the UK, the pond exploded into new life and I posted five parts of a theme I called Frogblog as the frogs got mating and filled the pond up with spawn.

Dave shared some views on flashhead softboxes that he had been using on his Opossum project.

We had another guest photographer write for us.  It was from Ashley Hugo who is based in Cornwall, a centre of a lot of wildlife photo bloggers.  Even if you read the first time round, it is worth a re read.

Finally we closed with a day trip report that I did after a day out with our friend  Robbie Brookes who was on a flying visit down from Shetland.

All archives can be seen here.

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