Wednesday 5 January 2011

Happy Birthday to us

Yep - today is the second birthday of the blog.

Ok if you check the archives, we did put four posts in Dec 2008, but we started properly on the 5th January 2009 and have provided non stop daily blogging since.

So having gone through the 900 post mark as well in the last few days, it is a memorable time of year for the blog.

Thanks to all our friends and blog followers.  We seem to get an extra friend with every ten posts on average, so it wont be too long before we are at 1000 posts and 100 friends.

Keep your comments and interaction rolling in, we do welcome and appreciate it.  Typically today we received a lovely comment from Stuca who said that this blog had encouraged him to get back out with his camera gear.  It is things like that that make it worthwhile for us

Cheers for your support

Martin & Dave


  1. Hi Martin, Dave,

    Great to see the blog getting a steady increase in following it deserves it. Showing some great photography, technique explanations and gear reviews. Keep up the good work.

  2. Well done guys cant be easy - Ill raise a glass and look forward to more interesting reads.

    Keep it up and Happy Birthday

  3. Hello all,

    I just added to favorites this site. Good read.
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