Saturday 15 January 2011

Review of the Year - Part 6 - June

At the half way point of the year, the main theme of the month from me were my reports from my Scottish trip to North Uist on the Outer Hebrides.  In a nine part series, I reported and shared images from our week there with images from each day.  Best link is probably to pick up the full archive of June and take it from there, or just click on any of the North Uist tags at the bottom of a contribution.

It was probably the best wildlife trip I have ever made to Scotland, with the diversity and frequency of the wildlife. 

Dave moved across to the Nikon D3 S and reports on it here and here and also gave some views based on his use of the D5000.

Meanwhile, Adobe launched Lightroom 3.  The new processing engine in that for RAW images making a much better fist of it than any previous Adobe RAW processor  and my favourite camera strap maker, Op Tech launched a whole range of camo straps (shortly after I had bought another couple of green ones.....Grrr!)

Dave started a new project concentrating on Deer with contributions here and here as well.

I started monitoring the progress with the local Orchids and reported from my final day in Scotland with a day over at the Cairngorms

494 of you visited us exactly 2000 times from 37 countries around the world


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