Monday 17 January 2011

Review of the Year - Part 7 - July

With an extremely busy weekend just past, I have not had time to get any more processing for the blog done, so the Norfolk Grey Seal Pups will have to wait for a blog or two yet so onto a look back at last year as we move into the second half of the year.

The early part of the month kicked off with a great objective review and demonstration from Dave how critical the lighting on our subjects are, and how it can totally change what we are trying to portray and I shared a tip on how not to store your hot shoe spirit level here.

Here in the UK, it was a busy time as I finished up the last of my North Uists posts with flora, landscapes and my outtakes.

One of the perils of blogging about wonderful places like North Uist is that it makes other people want to go there.  Looking at the accommodation we had last year, which we book in the Christmas period twelve months ago, was that all the key dates for this year were gone by last September.

It might be a bit arrogant to suggest that the blog helped with that, although I do know from some comments that folks have booked up to go there off the back of the blog.  I guess it was really the Monty Halls BBC2 effect from last year that 'sold' the place to so many.

Locally things were quite busy in the garden pond with Pond Life series continuing to report progress.

Dave reported further ongoing success with his Deer project, mentioned in Part 6 of this review of 2010 and also the wonderful Hummingbirds in his part of the world.

One of the many (surely that should be few!!) construction projects I did last year was to build my own Moth trap.  I set out a full article here and followed it with some images here and here.

Dave found himself in some sad circumstances which he reported here and here.  I was grateful to be able to get to see Dave while he was here but would have preferred it under different circumstances naturally.

Finally it was a busy time for butterflies here and here in Warwickshire.

651 of you made a total of 2016 visits from 43 countries.


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