Thursday 29 October 2009

Views - Unpaid Beta Testing

One of the things that the ageing process justifies, in my opinion, is that getting grumpy and cynical is OK. Experience, and in particular bad experience makes it so.

It was while mulling over a few things while relaxing in the bath the other night after a tough running session at the athletics track that I couldn't help think that either the major camera manufacturers are taking the buying public for mugs and making the most of it while they can, or that the buying public are mugs for putting up with it.

OK I hear you ask, just what is he banging on about today?

Well it seems that all the main manufacturers are now just happy to get new kit launched on the basis of doing the barest minimum of testing.

For this I cite the numerous problems we see that resulted in new firmware shortly after product launch of the 1dmk3, 5Dmk11 and the 7D already with two updates.

It is not fair to just pick on Canon as Nikon have had their issues too.

But for me the double whammy situation is that the way that the pricing structure works is that those poor sods (mugs??) that buy early end up paying the most and doing the field testing.

So if you are an early adopter, be prepared for problems and to pay top whack for the pleasure.

Now if you are listening Canon and Nikon and the rest of you why not try this out.

For the first couple of thousand or so early adopters, let them have the kit at half RRP as the price you should pay to avoid carrying the full testing that you know you should have done before you launched

You would get so many advocates that your subsequent sales would increase.

Anyway, please send us your pictures of the flying pigs as there will be much more chance of that.

Oh yes, and in case you were wondering 'Athletics track?' Yeah yeah - I was 50 this year and the last time I was on one of those I had a 1 at the front of my age



  1. Couldn't agree with you more. This seems to be a symptom of the race to get the latest technology out before the competition, a case of launch the camera quick and fix the problems later. This is one of the resons I'm still shooting with the 30d. Just had no confidence in anything that has been released since, (but seriously looking at getting a 7d when the price comes down and problems are fixed.
    Bob - Isle of Mull

  2. Bob

    Thanks for the comments.

    As an Isle of Mull photographer, you are probably well into your wildlife and with the light up there you will need high ISO/low noise capability. My best advice would be make sure you try out the 7D before shelling out money for it. I am not at all convinced from the examples I have seen and I will try out an example, back to back with my 1Dmk3.

    I have heard folks say that it is as good as the mark3 on noise. I would say that it is not acceptable now after 2 1/2 years just to have caught up with their own technology.

    Personally, if I was moving on from a 30D and wildlife was going to be my main genre I would seriously look at switching to some of the Nikon options. Dave would be best able to advise on that with his experience of their system now.

    Hope the Island is still great - I will be updating my Mull talk this weekend as I have to give it again next weekend