Sunday 25 October 2009

Rain stopped play!!!

OK so not photography but painting.

In a desperate race against time, trying to get my front window frames painted and weather protected before the winter weather sets in, I suppose I should have done them a couple of months back.

While up the ladder this morning before the rain set in, it was a good time to reflect on my nature observations from earlier in the morning while out running.

Warwickshire, like many places is beautiful in bright early morning autumn light - great colours, great skies and fresh air all helped to take my mind off the pains in my legs.

The quiet lanes, tracks and hedgerows were buzzing with bird life today and it was a pleasure to see and hear skylarks, corn bunting, yellowhammer, green and great spotted woodpecker, redwings, flock of 250+ lapwing, numerous wren, long tailed tits, most of the corvidae as well as the more common species that one always see.

Yesterday, I went to a meeting put on by the BTO with a number of other keen birders to go through the work need to put in the Bird Atlas.

The project is now a couple of years in and involves collecting and registering roving records and timed tetrad visits to count and record species.

I half completed my work last year so will look to complete one of my local tetrad for the breeding birds survey so will finish that off for wintering and add another tetrad that I can also walk into from my house.

So another thing to keep me occupied and doing my bit for wildlife.


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