Friday 23 October 2009

More Garden fungi

Well it looks like this weekend could be a good time to get out fungi hunting. The recent rains have helped and there are various bits of fungi popping up all over my garden now, all sprouting from various bits of dead wood.

The first image is on a mossy log that I have in my reflection pond, the second is in a crack from a tree stump that I use as a feeding platform for the birds, and the last one is at the base of another log stump feeding platform.

For all of these images, I use my standard fungi macro technique which is this.

Set up camera on tripod - you have plenty of time and the subject won't run away from you.

Then with Live view enabled, I set the 5X magnification, histogram showing to verify the exposure in M mode, depress the DOF preview button and use the toggle to scroll the 5 x view around to make sure all key elements are in focus. Then either use the remote release or set the self timer to 2 seconds delay.

Finally, just before I depress the shutter button I use a bit of silver kitchen foil to reflect light into the right places.

All taken with Canon 1Dmk111 and Canon 180 f3.5L macro lens


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