Saturday 10 October 2009

New York day 1

I arrived in New York late yesterday afternoon after a nice 500 mile journey, Today as expected the weather had turned and it has been over cast and rainy, I had a trip around the local area taking in the New Jersey side of town, Some of the trees have turned and are stunning in colour, A couple of weeks and the whole place will be in all its glory, We made a couple of stops along the Hudson river and i was surprised to see osprey and bald eagles close by and catching fish in the river, There were also some other raptors circling around the cliff tops but it was the bald eagles that really surprised me and typically i only had a small lens with me-full tourist mode, Canada geese are more than plentiful and grazed close by as well as a few killdeeer, In the city tomorrow for some more tourist stuff, Its been nearly 20 years since my last visit here so have some places to reacquaint myself with and hopefully the weather will improve


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