Saturday 17 October 2009

Local Patch - Quick Garden update

With the full effects of autumn in place, the garden is now in need of some work.

I let all the planting of last year run its course this year, so I am cutting back strips to clear back down to ground level to let nature take it's course once again as space and light comes available to other seeds that are laying dormant in the soil. I will leave other areas long until the growing season starts again to give refuge to the wildlife that is still out there.

The hedgerows established themselves well this year and have coped with the dry conditions, with the exception of the holly I put out as it was rooted in potting compost that dried out earlier in the spring.

The regular birds are still here, with the addition of a solitary Blackcap the other day and a Green Woodpecker also flew through last weekend.

I am hoping the Grey Wagtails find their way back soon, as I have recently seen them about half a mile away by the Avon in Stratford.

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