Monday 26 October 2009

The D3 goes back (again)

As i mentioned in my last post the D3 had given me the CD error again when i was away, Nikon sent me the postage labels after discussing the problems so today it will be posted back, So having the D3 for 1 year its the second trip back for repair-sounds bad but doesnt bother me, Firstly i have the D300 as a backup and secondly the D3 problem is only with using the second slot so i could continue to use it, i tested this out yesterday by shooting with the first slot only-no problem, i then put a full card in the first slot and shot for a while with images being written onto the second card and then it showed the cd error again, Once again Nikon have been very proffessional on the phone asking the right questions and acting in a calm manner, Picking up the tab for shipping (canon never did) and telling me that any repairs will not cost me a penny, I guess it will be away 7-10 days like before and in that time i will get them to clean the sensor, When i first moved to Nikon i feel in love with the D300 but as time has gone on the D3 is the one i use first and only use the D300 when i need some extra reach, In the last couple of weeks i have shot landscapes, wildlife,portraits in the studio and some stock images and all with the D3 which just shows what a versatile camera it is


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