Monday 5 October 2009

Local Patch - Deer

Following Dave's post last week about Dear and the Rut, I popped along to my local deer park as the sun was going down hoping for some nice contra-jour shots. Sadly, the deer weren't where I needed them to be, but thought I would take a few record shots to illustrate a couple of things.

The first image came out quite nicely, although light was going fast so I had to get the ISO up to 1600. All were shot with the 500f4 + 1.4 converter, and shutter speeds were less than 1/100 sec, resting on a fence, so they are not brilliant, but it was nice to use the 500 again, after a summer long of using the 180 macro.

Fallow Buck with out of focus stately home behind

Behavioural rubbing of foliage with antlers

This shot was to show the tell tale scenting as the buck 'leaks' as it comes up to the rut. As you can see I used flash here. Clearly it doesn't work and nor did I expect to , but again to illustrate the effects that you get back when using flash in this light. Spooky!!

This is posted so you can see the tell tale hind area markings of a Fallow Deer of the black and white 'horseshoes' around the tail.

Hopefully, I will be back there a few times through this month to capture some better images in better light


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