Tuesday 20 October 2009

Smokey Mountains-sun sun sun

Well what a difference a day makes, After the wet conditions we now have bright sunlight after a misty cold morning, I have spent the last couple of days shooting white tails, Conditions today were fantastic with some deer appearing out of the fog, Its also a landscapers paradise with mist in the valleys and snow on the mountain tops along with the fall colours, Lots of people here are the main problems with some idiots chasing deer to get shots-nearly had a fight yesterday after some prat run up to deer that i was shooting and chased them into the woodland without any thought of what i was doing,there is no need here,the deer are used to people and very calm
I will post some images once i am back at home as i have very bad connectivity here and am at present sitting in the car outside the motel office as that's the only place i get any any sort of Internet access

On another note i see Martin beat me to the MK4 news-initial specs look very good but time will tell, Note that there is already a firmware upgrade for the 7D


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