Thursday 8 October 2009

The best laid plans

Can you believe that i haven't been to NY for nearly 20 years and the one weekend i go B+H is shut and doesn't open until the day i leave is this some undercover espionage by my wife-lol I had even given the credit card a good buffing-well i have plans to return next month for a long weekend so hope the Jewish holidays don't get in the way of that trip,
Anyways a trip away is always a good time to lay all the camera gear out and give everything a good clean, I have permission to take Sunday off and get away from family business and spend some time on the beach in New Jersey-the weather looks good-dry and overcast so hopefully there will be some waders and hopefully a skimmer or 2
The shops are in full sale mode here so bargains are a plenty, I bought a new waterproof camo suit-jacket and trousers for $99 so will give it a workout on Sunday crawling on the beach, I seem to spend a lot of the time on my front crawling through wet grass and mud so if this does what it claims it will be a god send

So a quicky today but will hope to have better news the next time


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