Sunday 11 October 2009

Local Patch - the last few Daters of the year

A couple of weeks ago I took a walk out on to my local nature reserve that is about ten minutes from my front door.

Well by one of the many ponds there it was Darters galore - all being busy with each other on the wing. Never seen so much naughty Darter business before - I guess they were making hay while we were in the last rays of summer.

There were also quite a few Southern Hawker males bombing them too, but I didn't manage to get any images of them. While I was busy getting these photos, I was told excitedly by a friend that a Kingfisher had just flown by me. So while I was disappointed to miss it, I am pleased to know that they are so close to my home.

These two images show the colour differences of the male and the female of the species of the Common Darter.

Male Common Darter

Female Common Darter


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